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Our Breakfast

Are you rather croissants or toasts? Coffee addict or tea lover?
Le Clos du Buis offers you both, and many other sweets on our self-service buffet-style breakfast, from 8:00 to 10:00 on weekdays, weekends and holidays. Your breakfast is served in a room with a panoramic view of the Provençal countryside, from Lacoste to the Mount Ventoux.

Ideal composition for your well-being

At Le Clos du Buis, your balanced breakfast combines a fruit-based product, a dairy product, a cereal product and a drink, hence this combination of products. It is complemented by other foods in reasonable quantities, such as butter, egg or ham for lovers of savoury taste. Or for all the sweet tooth, our daily homemade patisseries.

A “fruity” product

Go to the buffet to choose between a 100% pure fruit juice, a fresh fruit of the season or a fruit compote. The interest is taste, but also nutritional by bringing in the morning a quantity of vitamin C in order to help cover needs and “wake up” your body.

We work closely with local producers. Our Luberon region offers a large range of fruits. In the Spring, flavourful strawberries of different varieties and gorgeous cherries you’ll never see anywhere else. Summer brings the famous “melon de Cavaillon”, white and violet figs as well as colourful tomatoes of all kind , two of those from our own garden. Finally with the Fall, black and white grapes, sweet and seedless, can be savoured every day.

A dairy product

The nutritional value of the dairy product is to bring you calcium and a little protein. Milk will go well with cereals, but the alternative will be yogurt, cheese. Athletes with sensitive intestines should focus on fermented dairy products. We can also provide soya products upon request. Our cheese platter is an alternative, with local creamy and rich goat cheese.

A cereal product

Finally, composed of carbohydrates, the cereal product has an energetic function, and relies essentially on bread. You can enjoy the famous French baguette or why not try our selection of bread for toasts ? Not much a of bread person ? A bowl of cereals (for example granola or corn flakes) will do, all copiously present on the buffet of Clos du Buis.  We can provide gluten free products upon request.

A hot drink

Are you rather tea or coffee ? Our hot-drinks dispenser offers you both, and more. A selection of coffees from expresso to large americano or why not try a cappuccino one morning ? Kids will enjoy a hot chocolate and tea lovers will be delighted with our tea selection, black, green or herbal tea.

Enjoy your meal !